Sunday, January 11, 2009

Without relativity

I imagine everyone caving inside out, pliable as sea anemones, folding under the Moon's gravity. It wound around Earth in its perigee path last night. We were restless people, oblivious to the swelling lunacy possessing us en masse. Change and movement are measured by motion relative to a stable object. But there were no stable objects to observe the shift by relativity - everyone and everything transformed at once.

The weather too, seems indecisive or bipolar. Indecision and bipolarism are cousins after all. The nights are still too frigid to be called San Diegan. During the day, Santa Ana winds exhale with vigor, sending winter's debris from rest across the roads. Dead leaves charge, tripping across the streets like adrenaline-pumped soldiers, leaping, tumbling over, and charging again - and I, I just sit in my car waiting for the light to turn green. Two hours pass, sunwise a blink, and the winds have passed, leaving the air still, disturbed only by birdsong needling through the denseness.

I am not sure what's to come. Or if we'll be too disoriented to notice since relativity has momentarily been removed from the picture.