Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Identity is an abstract concept that is taken for granted, dismissed in the sunlight of solid nouns like people, landmarks, possessions, careers that shape and anchor us.

But identity is the foundation that gives all these nouns their life and meaning to aliveness. When identity is starved and/or underdeveloped, these things imbue no spirit or substance - because the spirit or substance inside lacks the cohesion necessary for that meaning to take root, propagate, and flourish.

Nothing nourishes. At least, nothing external in isolation. Not even the well meaning people in our lives.

It's a long road. Journey to the center of self. Pioneering into depths before untouched because of engaged shame, ridicule, and stigma.

There are no tour guides. No handbooks religious or scientific. No maps other than the ones I draw for myself.

It is foreboding and feels fatal. But pressing on is worth the the injury if it means intense, 3-D life. My existence is too brief and I've perpetuated neglect too long in this 3rd or so of life now passed.

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